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Consulting Services

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Main Office:
731 North Collins St
Arlington TX 76011

Phone: 817-274-5699
Fax: 817-274-3111

Residential Location:
124-B East Main Street
Grand Prairie TX 75050
Phone: 972-642-9400



Synopsis of our services:

  • Information Management
  • System Feasibility Studies
  • Help Desk, Implementation and Support
  • 24 hr/day Help Desk and 2nd Tier Support
  • System (Hardware/Software) Re-Engineering and Integration
  • Client Training

Other computer related services:

  • P.C. Hardware/Software Analysis, Design, Selection, Installation and Maintenance
  • PC Network Design, Installation, Training and Maintenance
  • Customization of PC based Hardware and Software
  • P.C. Repairs and Upgrades
  • Windows 2000 Prequalified Specialist

Application areas:

We have satisfactorily demonstrated our expertise in the areas of our specialization, in the following industries:

  • Telecommunications
  • Oil and Gas
  • General Business Applications, including Manufacturing, Distribution, Retailing
  • Banking
  • Hospital
  • Software Development

Contract Labor Information

Register as New User   ($600 per year, $150 per office call)

Pay Per Use Support   ($45 per use, $100 per hour for office calls)

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